Fund Raising

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Why we help

PMPPMM mission was to Provide Aid to terminally ill patients of Malaysian origin without bias to race , religion and creed. Provide courses and knowledge to members that are involved in volunteer work in the country. Setting up with the approval of the relevant governing bodies ,care centre's and elderly homes for terminally ill patients that are recommended by the government..

PMPPMM Provide basic financial aid and support to members of the public that are in dire need of help. To instill awareness in road safety via lectures, seminars, talks and other knowledge sharing activities. Providing financial aid for deserving student and etc.


1Can I choose to donate money to a specific project, country or item?
When you donate to PMPPMM, the money will be allocated to 'general funds' which allows us to focus on where the need is greatest and respond immediately to changing priorities and global situations. It is vital that we are able to spend money where it is most needed at any given time.
2How can I get updates on PMPPMM's work?
You can sign up to receive free email updates, with regular news of our work and what you can do to support it. For further information or to sign up to receive updates by post, please give us a call.
3How do I cancel my donation to PMPPMM?
Thank you for supporting Oxfam. Your donation is extremely valuable to us, so we'd be grateful of the opportunity to discuss your reasons for cancelling. If you can't maintain your current level of giving, a small amount would still be very much appreciated. Please call us. Alternatively, you can contact us to cancel via the regular giving enquiry form with your details. Please note, for Standing Order donations, you will need to contact your bank directly to cancel. Your bank will only take instruction from you. We would however be grateful if you could let us know you have done this, so that we can amend our records. Thank you.
4Why is regular giving important ?
Regular giving is the best way to support PMPPMM. It lets us plan our work more effectively: to help people to improve their lives through long-term development programmes; so we can respond to disasters and emergencies; and campaign to achieve lasting change. It also means we have a flexible and reliable income we can always count on. You can set up a regular donation for us to use across all of PMPPMM's work, or support our emergency work in particular through the Oxfam 365 emergency fund.